EVGA SuperNOVA G3 Power Supplies announced

Subject: Cases and Cooling | November 8, 2016 - 04:28 PM |
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Lee has reviewed more than a few EVGA SuperNOVA PSUs over the years and they tend to win the Gold as they are very well made.  The new G3 models are a bit smaller in volume than the previous G2 PSUs at 85mm high, 150mm wide and 150mm long, previously they tended to be 165mm long.  The new size will also mean the Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing fan size is reduced to 130mm, it will continue to support the EVGA ECO mode for those who desire quiet operation.  There is a seven year warranty on the 550W and 650W models, the higher powered are covered for a full decade.  We don't have a review up so keep an eye out for that, in the mean time have some PR.

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November 8th, 2016 - EVGA SuperNOVA power supplies are well-known for their extreme efficiency, performance and reliability. In fact, over the last 3 years EVGA SuperNOVA power supplies have won over 70 awards from leading review sites. EVGA’s dedication to performance has forged the latest power supply platform: the EVGA SuperNOVA G3 Series. With these new power supplies, EVGA took the best features of the award-winning G2 lineup and made them even better. The SuperNOVA G3’s smaller size, improved performance and a new Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing fan give you ultra-quiet performance with an increased lifespan.

Small Size, Big Performance
A reduced size does not mean reduced performance with the EVGA SuperNOVA G3 power supplies. At only 150mm long, this makes these some of the smallest power supplies on the market today, while offering improved performance and features.

Whisper Silent Hydraulic Dynamic Bearing Fan
Better performance, quieter operation and a longer lifespan. EVGA ECO mode gives you gives you silent operation at low to medium loads.

Next Gen Performance
Next-generation systems deserve next-generation performance. The EVGA SuperNOVA G3 takes the already efficient G2 series and makes it even better with improved efficiency and lower ripple. These power supplies are over 91% efficient!

Fully Modular Design
Use only the cables you need, reducing cable clutter and improving case airflow.

Learn more at http://www.evga.com/articles/01059/evga-supernova-g3-power-supplies/

Source: EVGA

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November 8, 2016 | 05:03 PM - Posted by Lance Ripplinger (not verified)

Using the G2 650 watt version and it is fantastic. What could they do any better in the G3 line???

November 8, 2016 | 05:19 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

It's way smaller


November 8, 2016 | 05:31 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

So silent you can hear our own GTX FTW GPUs pop!!!

November 9, 2016 | 02:34 AM - Posted by Master Chen (not verified)

Who cares? Wow EVGA is stupid. Instead of fixing the 1xxx fiasco ASAP, they act like nothing happened and "introduce new PSUs" to us. Believe me, out of all people out there, PC enthusiast community does NOT forget and does NOT forgive such things. Screw them, I say. We riot.

November 9, 2016 | 07:05 AM - Posted by jabbadap (not verified)

This has nothing to do with graphics cards. Their Superflower made PSUs have been solid performers with long warranty and I would pick one over even corsairs in a heart beat.

And no they are not acting like nothing happened, they have acknowledged the problem and have made a statement that it is good enough reason to rma the card or given instructions to consumers how to fix problem by itself(bios fix is bad I know and I don't know why someone wanted to use it when evga does not void warranty for cooler changes. Few thermal pads and you are done). What else you want them to do?

November 9, 2016 | 06:23 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Serious question, what problem do you have with how EVGA is handling it's GTX 1000 series GPU issue? They've identified the problem, issued a VBIOS as a temporary fix, offered additional thermal pads at no cost so that the effected modules get proper cooling, and even offered no questions asked, cross-shipped, RMAs if you aren't comfortable installing the pads yourself.

What more do you want them to do?

November 9, 2016 | 12:01 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

"Next Gen" ...PSU?


November 9, 2016 | 01:12 PM - Posted by Jeremy Hellstrom

G1, G2, now G3 ... seems pretty obvious, no?

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