Cooler Master releases the MasterCase H500P and MasterBox MB600L

Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 10, 2017 - 03:25 PM |
Tagged: MasterBox MB600L, MasterCase H500P, cooler master

Today CoolerMaster announced two cases, the MasterCase H500P and MasterBox MB600L and there are already some reviews of the MasterCase posted, which you can see below.  The MasterBox MB600L is larger and less flamboyant than the MasterCase and is a better choice for those of us who prefer less RGBs in their lives.

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The MB600L will accommodate GPUs of up to 400mm, heatsinks 160mm in height or radiators of 360mm if you prefer watercooling.  You can get the MB600L in red, blue and gunmetal exteriors and there will be models with an optical bay if you do still use DVDs.  The case will sell for $50 and is available now.

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The MasterCase H500P is for those who want a case that stands out, the front panel shows off two 200mm RGB fans which can be controlled from compatible motherboards and there is space for two more to be installed on the top.  If you prefer watercooling, you can replace the fans in both positions with up to a 360mm radiator.  There are two PCI slots at the rear of the H500P so you can vertically mount your GPU to show it off, without needing additional brackets. 

You can see some reviews of the MasterCase below.


Source: CoolerMaster

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October 10, 2017 | 05:20 PM - Posted by pacmanfan

Another new case I won't buy because it only has USB 3.0 ports. It's been four years since the USB 3.1 spec was adopted, two years since Asus announced the UPD Panel (which turned out to be vaporware, btw), and still I can count the number of cases with USB 3.1 Gen 2 on one hand.

There's a few more cases with USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C ports, but still nothing I consider a mainstream product.

October 11, 2017 | 01:14 PM - Posted by Anonym (not verified)

MB600L is reusing the interior of Masterbox 5 Lite with just different exterior and certainly is good for anyone building on budget. While H500P for its price has too many compromises including too much plastic parts and dropped compatibility for modular parts from mastercase series. So all in all a overpriced case not worth spending money for.

October 11, 2017 | 05:54 PM - Posted by vyvyvv6565898 (not verified)

Gamer Nexus really didn't like this case.......

October 20, 2017 | 06:36 PM - Posted by Patr1ck (not verified)

Hi Jeremy,

I've been watching the podcast for a few months now and I've come to have great respect your knowledge level and all around acumen.

After 9 years running a Core i7 920, overclocked to 4.2 on water, I'm finally ready for a coffee lake build.

I work (Office stuff). I game. I tinker less than I used to. I wait for Star Citizen.

I'm looking for a good case recommendation from you.

I'm planning on selling my current rig as a unit so there's no re-using the Cooler Master HAF 924 that I'm used to.

I really like the Cooler Master Cosmos II but I want a window and that case doesn't have one as far as I understand. I don't want to buy a case I need to mod.

That case is a good example though. I love the look of it. I'm not intimidated by the price tag or the size of it.

I plan on having a 360mm radiator, plus some unconventional, out-of-case cooling. Can you make any recommendations?

Thanks in advance, Jeremy.


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