CORSAIR Launches Obsidian 1000D Super-Tower PC Case

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If you ever saw the Thermaltake W100 Super Tower Chassis, you have an idea of just how large a Super Tower really is and if you like that one wait until you see Corsair's Obsidian 1000D.  It measures 307x693x697mm, aka 12.1 x 27.3 x 27.4", with enough interior space to handle a full E-ATX and Mini-ITX system simultaneously. 

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As you would expect, the cooling options are more than impressive, you can choose between using the 18 cooling fan mounts for air cooling, you could install up to four 480mm radiators or you could mix solutions if you prefer.  The radiator mounts slide out, offering a uniquely simple installation method.

Think again if you believe this a server case, the W100 ships with the CORSAIR Commander PRO digital RGB lighting and fan speed controller with iCue so you can start a rave party in it.  As this case can contain two systems it supports the installation of an SFX and an ATX PSU, so your Mini-ITX and ATX systems are separately powered. 

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Storage fans like Al will appreciate the 11 drive bays while Sebastian will appreciate the meticulous care put into the cable management.  The front panel sports a pair of USB 3.1 Type C ports and four USB 3.0 ports in amongst the tempered glass front fascia, with that see through feel carried out onto the side panel.  Check out more details at Corsair, as well as the full PR below or just drop the $500 to see it in person.

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FREMONT, CA, May 10th, 2018 - CORSAIR®, a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today announced the launch of its largest, most feature-rich PC case ever – the Obsidian Series 1000D. Building on the CORSAIR Concept Slate prototype that captured the imagination of PC enthusiasts, the Obsidian 1000D is the result of over two years of development and design to create the ultimate super-tower case. Clean exterior lines brushed aluminium details and four smoked tempered glass panels give the 1000D the iconic styling and superior build-quality enthusiasts have come to expect from the CORSAIR Obsidian Series.

Both a full E-ATX and Mini-ITX system can be installed simultaneously, cooled by 13 cooling fan mounts, powered by two PSUs (SFX and ATX) and equipped with 11 storage drives. Created to house the world’s most epic PC builds, the 1000D is the ultimate super-tower PC case.

The 1000D is designed to house the most powerful, ambitious and jaw-dropping PCs on the planet, contained in a unique triple-chamber, dual-system layout. The primary E-ATX system is mounted on a raised motherboard island, lined by convenient cable routing holes and backed by a huge French-door-style rear compartment to easily hide away 2.5in drives, cabling and accessories. The Mini-ITX system sits rotated above the ATX PSU mount, providing an optional fully-equipped system to run as a file server, streaming capture system, or second gaming PC for player two.

With two systems worth of hardware to handle, the 1000D boasts a huge array of cooling options. Eight 120mm fan mounts to the front, three 140mm fan mounts in the roof and two 120/140mm fan mounts to the rear have the headroom to mount even the thickest liquid cooling radiators with fans in push/pull configuration. Fitted using replaceable telescoping fan trays* that make installation easy, the 1000D can equip up to 18 cooling fans and four 480mm liquid cooling radiators – the most liquid-cooling friendly CORSAIR case ever.

To power the huge array of cooling hardware it can carry, the 1000D includes a CORSAIR Commander PRO digital RGB lighting and fan speed controller, granting users precision speed control of up to six PWM fans, and lighting control for up to six CORSAIR RGB fans or CORSAIR RGB LED strips. The 1000D itself also boasts integrated RGB lighting, built into its front panel and front logo, as either a starting-point for a stunning RGB build, or as a subtle accent to your system.

Whether you go all-out on lighting or are building a more reserved system, CORSAIR iCUE software brings everything together, combining RGB lighting control for all iCUE compatible products including fans, RGB LED light strips, keyboards, mice and more. iCUE also provides in-depth customizable fan RPM curves to silence fans, downloadable profiles and advanced system monitoring, all controlled with a single easy-to-use interface.

Look closer behind the monolithic design and epic capabilities, and you’ll find that the 1000D is loaded with extras to make building your system easy and ready for years of upgrades. The front panel offers dual USB 3.1 Type C ports, as well as four USB 3.0 ports, for multiple high-speed connections. Front, rear and roof removable dust filters ensure your system stays looking its best, while a rotatable GPU mount plate for the primary system lets you put your graphics card on show. When installing liquid cooling, you’ll find a wide variety of pump and reservoir mounting points, with an exhaustive array of screws and cable ties included to add the finishing touch to your system. Able to easily house today’s most ambitious systems, cool them with room to spare, finish them with fine attention to detail and light them with stunning, or subtle, RGB lighting, the 1000D is the ultimate super-tower case.


Source: Corsair

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May 11, 2018 | 12:06 AM - Posted by Shadowarez

And to Think I just bought the 900D a week ago lol oh well it's still good enough for my x299 i9 7980Xe build.

May 11, 2018 | 04:06 AM - Posted by othertomperson (not verified)

The 900D must be around 5 years old now. It's amazing me that we are just now seeing a follow up.

May 11, 2018 | 09:01 AM - Posted by Anonymously Anonymous (not verified)

so much room that one could live in the case with the computer

May 11, 2018 | 09:37 AM - Posted by TooMuchWithThatShinyThereBubba (not verified)

Yes this rig on a night of the New Moon way up on Beelzebub's tower ready to make contact with that Mothership.

Oh the gamers and their LED Bling Narcissism! I'm ready Vern fer my dueling light show with them LGM and their mothership of Bling, or if some 80s Neon mood lighting is needed, or even if Disco comes back into style! Just look at them lights, Vern, Times Square ain't got nothen on me!

Hey Vern, Que me up some of that Taylor Swift sings the Bee Gees! Lights Lights Lights, LED LIGHTS!

May 11, 2018 | 06:08 PM - Posted by KingKookaluke (not verified)

I had a UFO u2 case with as many fan mounts as this case. The thing sounded like a 747 taking off when the fans were running. Still, All Dat bling baby! I might get one. Anyone want to buy two 900D cases?

May 12, 2018 | 12:11 AM - Posted by Hakuren

If it came last year I would seriously consider it, but as things stand my Thermaltake P7 open case is sweet idea (although I've improved on general design to get rid of this stupid hinges). Keeping things clean is trivial, I don't think I'll ever change a case again. No RGB FTW.

The only drawback is storage space, nominal 6 2.5" when you have twice as many 2.5" SSD requires creative approach and cable management... uhh do you really have to ask??? :D

May 12, 2018 | 12:20 PM - Posted by KingKookaluke (not verified)

Yeah, I have the P5 case as well in green, and purchased the Tempered glass upgrade kit as well for it. So, I'm not really considering this case as my primary system build. I love RGB's ,I don't know why,but I love them. On the P5 build I have Corsair LED's, Corsair H100i rgb'd,and the Theremaltake RGB PSU. It's lit up like a pinball machine.My concern with this case is the amount of fans that it supports. It would be loud if all the fan ports are populated. The D900 is already loud enough.

May 16, 2018 | 07:12 AM - Posted by Shadowarez

I'm opening a ticket with Amazon see if they'll take it back and let me pay the difference for 1000D

*edit yay amazon approved the Return guess I'll build in this Monsterious case afterall.

May 21, 2018 | 12:37 AM - Posted by KingKookaluke (not verified)

Let me know how it foes for you.

May 21, 2018 | 12:38 AM - Posted by KingKookaluke (not verified)

For not foes!...

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