CES 2010: Thermaltake showcases new BlacX Duet USB 3.0, performance cases, heatsinks, and PSUs

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 10, 2010 - 02:40 PM |

We stopped by Thermaltake's suite this week at the Consumer Electronics Show and saw two test benches on showcases the read/write speeds of their new BlacX Duet dual hard drive docking station that includes USB 3.0 support. They were using Patriot 128GB SSDs and getting phenomenal speeds through USB 3.0 versus USB 2.0.

Their new line of heatsinks was pretty modest, but included the new SpinQ VT, which is 6.26 inches high and supports both LGA 1156 and 1366. Their new ISGC-V320 graphics card cooler was also impressive and compatible with both NVIDIA and ATI video cards including the GTX 285 and 5870.

This keyboard was also pretty interesting and includes a small fan in the top left-hand corner of the board. It definitely had a gamer-feel to it and the glowing Thermaltake logo on the wrist rest was pretty stunning. More to follow on this product as we get more details from Thermaltake.

Thermaltake also had five new power supplies on display, including the TR2 RX 1200 watt PSU that has three eight-pin CPU power connectors and three six-pin PCI-e connectors. A new addition to their Toughpower series is the Toughpower XT 875W that eight SATA connectors, two six-pin PCI-e connectors, two eight-pin CPU power connectors, and an 87 percent power efficiency rating. All of Thermaltake's powers supplies also have a five-year warranty, which is great for enthusiasts who push their PSUs for maximum performance.

The V5 Black Edition is a mid-tower solution that includes a black powder coating on the chassis, a strong case handle for transporting it to LAN parties, nine drive bays, and a swappable 3.5" drive bay. It also includes a 200mm fan on top and a 120mm fan at the rear of the case.

Thermaltake also gave us a peek at their new Luxa2 mobile device holders that included popular devices like the Amazon Kindle DX pictured above. The best part about these holders are how they actually secure devices without using any sticky material or mounting kits called Stiction. Stiction is basically static friction. It works when two solid objects are pressed against each other and require some threshold of force parallel to the surface of contact in order to overcome static cohesion. They come in an assortment of different styles and colors, which should cater to many different types of consumer's individual styles and personalities.

Another neat case was the Thermaltake Element V NVIDIA edition. This is basically a standard Element V case, but includes the NVIDIA logo on the front and their trademark green color on the storage bay clips and around the front panel ports. This case is also unique in that it has a custom cooling system for your rig's graphics cards. Looks pretty snazzy to me.

Lastly, a new member of the Element series is the Element Q mini-ITX case that includes a 200W SFX power supply. Overall, the entire Thermaltake line looks pretty promising for 2010 and I'm sure we'll see more products from them launched throughout the year.

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