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The World’s First Fully Analog Keyboard

For years, keyboards have been mostly static. Sure, there’s been innovations here and there but for the most part, we’ve been clacking on the same set of keys for most of our lives. The switches are digital, like the light switches on your wall: they’re either on or off with nothing in between. For many games, this just isn’t ideal. Racing games need feathery touches; third-person action games demand you both creep and run; most, in fact, feel better when you add a little bit of nuance to your control.


The Wooting One is the world’s first completely analog optical keyboard. With the press of a button, every key can offer the same kind of nuanced control of a controller’s trigger, and thanks to a clever design, it will work any game that offers dual controller and keyboard support. Coming in at $159.99 for a single tenkeyless model and two switch options, this is the kind of innovation that doesn’t come cheap.

Join us as we dig in to see just how much of a game changer analog switches truly are.

The One who Woots ... in analog and digital

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The Wooting One keyboard started off in a Kickstarter campaign that ended up more than quadrupling their goals, which is now starting to ship.  The reason it was so popular is because it offers both analog and digital keypress functionality.  Analog keyboards allow you to change the input received by your computer based on how far you depress the key, for instance it could be mapped to move forward and range from a slow walk to a full run depending on how far down you pushed the key.  Ryan interviewed the Lance Madison from Aimpad, who have also designed an analog keyboard, you can watch the video here to learn more about the technology.

 The Wooting one sports RGBs behind its keys as well, with one digital profile and three analog which you can program using their Wootility.  Check out the full review at TechPowerUp!


"The Wooting One is a long-anticipated keyboard that promised a lot and delivers on every single item. It features analog control over travel distance for two different optical switch designs, per-key RGB backlighting, a software driver allowing customization of digital and analog profiles which are saved onboard, and good build quality with thick ABS plastic and an aluminum-top-plate construction."

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