The toasters are revolting!

Subject: General Tech | September 26, 2016 - 01:01 PM |
Tagged: iot, security, upnp

Over the weekend you might have noticed some issues on your favourite interwebs as there was a rather impressively sized DDOS attack going on.  The attack was a mix of old and new techniques; they leveraged the uPNP protocol which has always been a favourite vector but the equipment hijacked were IoT appliances.  The processing power available in toasters, DVRs and even webcams is now sufficient to be utilized and is generally a damned sight easier to control than even an old unpatched XP machine.  This does not spell the end of the world which will likely be predicted on the cable news networks but does further illustrate the danger in companies producing inherently insecure IoT devices.  If you are not sure what uPNP is, or are aware but do not currently need it, consider disabling it on your router or think about setting up something along the lines of ye olde three router solution

Hack a Day has links to a bit more information on what happened here.


"Brace yourselves. The rest of the media is going to be calling this an “IoT DDOS” and the hype will spin out of control. Hype aside, the facts on the ground make it look like an extremely large distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) was just carried out using mostly household appliances (145,607 of them!) rather than grandma’s old Win XP system running on Pentiums."

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Source: Hack a Day

When lighbulbs attack

Subject: General Tech | November 7, 2013 - 02:34 PM |
Tagged: upnp, SMART

An unintended and dangerous side effect of smart devices is being discussed at Fujitsu, specifically the threat posed by internet connected light bulbs but it applies to all networked devices.  The hypothetical problem is a massive DDoS attack launched by malware that has infected light bulbs causing much more damage than one launched by infected computers seeing as how most people have many more light bulbs than they do electronic devices.  There were also concerns raised about the possibility of nefarious people getting a hold of the usage data and determining when the best time to break into a house would be.  Read this story over at The Register and never look at a lightbulb the same way again.


"Fujitsu’s CTO has sketched a nightmare vision of lightbulbs turning on their human masters in massive denial of service attacks if industry doesn’t get a grip on the security of the “internet of things”."

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Source: The Register