A peice of your Stellaris galaxy physcially quarantined? Of course it is a good idea to open it up and explore!

Subject: General Tech | May 23, 2018 - 02:23 PM |
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The newest update to Stellaris has arrived, with the Niven update available for everyone and the Distant Horizons story pack available for ~$10.  The update to the base game offers some major changes to anomalies, with failure no longer an option but instead the scientist having to keep researching until they finally figure it out.  You will also see binary and trinary star systems while roaming your galaxy, which has become more mysterious as hyperlanes are not revealed until you visit a system.

The new story pack allows you to create or repair special gates, which lead to a part of the galaxy which is otherwise unreachable.  Obviously whomever locked these systems out had no idea what they were doing and you should absolutely reconnect them to the rest of the galaxy; what could possibly go wrong?  Drop by Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN for a look at the release trailer and more details on the newest update to Stellaris.


"As is often the way with Paradox strategy game expansions, it’s accompanied by a free update which reworks parts of the base game. Expect new binary and trinary star systems, anomaly studies no longer having a chance to fail, and other tweakies."

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That's no moon! Stellaris adds planet killers plus the chance to mine the corpse of your enemies home

Subject: General Tech | January 17, 2018 - 02:44 PM |
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In the not too distant future new DLC will arrive for Stellaris, likely in conjunction with the new free patch that Paradox will be releasing as that is their style.  The new DLC will include two new ship classes, Titans, which outweigh battleships and come with specific weaponry only available to that class of ship as well as the colossus.  A colossus is only marginally a fleet ship, it does not have much in the way of hull or conventional armament but is specifically designed to go after planets while your fleet protects them.  There are several different weapons you can install, from the aforementioned planet cracker to a shield generator which forever seals a planet off from the universe to a God Ray you can use on your own planets to increase spiritualist ethics attraction.

As well, the free 'Cherryh' patch will make some huge changes to the base gameplay; restricting all races to hyperspace pathways, changing how borders work and adding starbases and more detailed ground combat. 


"Too many worlds. That’s the problem with space. You develop interstellar flight and hope to find a big emptiness that you can coast around in until all of the stars fade to black, but there’s all this stuff scattered about. Planets and asteroid belts and big alien jellysquids."

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