GELID SlimHero Cooler Is Quiet and Low-Profile CPU HSF

Subject: Cases and Cooling | April 10, 2013 - 06:53 AM |
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Hong Kong-based PC cooling company GELID Solutions launched a new low-profile CPU cooler yesterday called the SlimHero. The new SlimHero cooler joins the existing Silent HSF series, and is a mere 59mm high.

The low profile cooler measures 131 x 123 x 59mm including the fan and weighs 352g. The SlimHero cooler features four copper heatpipes connecting a copper block to a horizontal aluminum fin array. A 120mm fan is then mounted on top of the heatsink to push cool air over the fins and VRM area surrounding the processor. It is rated to cool processors up to 136 TDPs and is compatible with all of Intel and AMD's latest consumer sockets. On the AMD side, the cooler can be mounted in one of four directions on AM2, AM2, AM3, AM3+, FM1, and FM2.Further, it is compatible with Intel's LGA 775, 1156, 1366, and 1155 sockets.

GELID SlimHero Low-Profile CPU Cooler.jpg

The heatsink comes bundled with a 120mm fan and GC-2 thermal compound. The fan is PWM controlled and can spin at anywhere between 750 and 1600 RPM. GELID rates the 120mm fan at 52.4 CFM and 12-25.4 dBA.

The new cooler is designed to work with small form factor systems without getting in the way of RAM or VRM heat-spreaders. It comes with a 5 year warranty and is available now for an MSRP of $32 USD (25 EUR).

GELID SlimHero Low-Profile CPU Cooler_Mini-ITX.jpg

Additional information on GELID's new SlimHero cooler can be found in the full press release (PDF) as well as the SlimHero product page.

Source: GELID

Gelid wants you to join the side of the DarkForce

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 27, 2012 - 01:48 PM |
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Gelid has expanded into the enclosure business with the mid sized DarkForce, 530x207x505mm (20.9x8.1x19.9") which might not give you as much space as other cases recently arriving on the market but for most PC builds it should be spacious enough.  The drive cage is well done, with the ability to hold 2.5" SSDs in addition to 3.5" HDDs, and for those with extra long graphics cards the cage can be completely removed from the case.   The motherboard tray has a cut out to allow easier access to your heatsink mount and there is a matching space to mount a fan on the door to help cool an area that is a dead spot in most cases.  At $120 it not expensive for a case of its size, but that is not the only reason Legit Reviews had such a positive reaction to the case.


"The DARKFORCE mid-tower comes into a saturated field of mid-towers made for PC gamers and enthusiasts. Gelid Solution will need to take a unique approach to find ways to distinguish itself from the competitions at the entry price of $120 in the US market. After an overview of the specifications, it looks like Gelid Solutions has used its past experiences to put something a little different into this product..."

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Wow, that Gelid heatsink sure is stacked

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The Gelid GX-7 Stacked is so named because of its 7 heatpipes, five of which are placed normally and touch the CPU while the last two are stacked on top of the five aforementioned heatpipes.  On low settings this is one of the quietest coolers on FrostyTech's charts, when running at full speed it creates more noise but not enough to make it one of the louder coolers they've tested.  The new configuration for heatpipes was effective but not overwhelmingly so, as the heatsink was neither the quietest nor the most efficient cooler but sat in the middle of the pack as a solid all


"The Gelid GX-7 heatsink stands 158mm tall and ships with a variable speed PWM fan internally illuminated by several very bright blue LEDs. The lights make a nice impression on the spinning blue fan blades which feature novel little 'wing tips'. Beyond that, the GX-7 would look like any other tower format heat sink except for one trick up its sleeve - stacked heatpipes."

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Source: Frosty Tech