You haven't forgotten about the PCPer Forums have you?

Subject: General Tech | October 17, 2014 - 07:42 PM |
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It has been a while since we mentioned the PC Perspective Forums on the front page, except of course the Fragging Frogs who have been having a great time lately and have put together some amazing VLANs full of gaming, fun and hardware giveaways.  There is a lot more than that hidden behind the tab at the top of the page for you to discover.   For anyone who has read about the latest and greatest hardware on our news and reviews but who isn't quite certain about if the hardware is right for them, we have a variety of forums specifically targeting the various components that we talk about.  I don't just mean GPUs and Cases or Motherboards and Processors, there is a forum specifically devoted to overclocking in general and for specific components as well.  You can also comment on my current choices on the Hardware Leaderboard and get feedback on your own choice of components.

If you have a working machine but are looking for tips on how to deal with Steam on Linux or what Windows tweaks might help you out then you are covered and can join in with the gurus which hang out here.  If networking is more your thing, be it a small LAN or suggestions on strange errors you are seeing in a large network environment then check out this forum which also contains information on setting up and securing your network and the clients attached to it.  If you have some old kit you would love to trade off for different equipment or were hoping for a deal on some used components; well head on over to the Trading Post and browse through the offers.

On the other hand if you are looking to harness the power of your PC for something a little more altruistic than Bitcoin why not join the Folding Frogs in the hunt for new configurations proteins which could help cancer research or join the BOINC crew to chug SETI or any of the wide variety of projects available in that Distributed Computing network.  If fun and games is more to your liking right now then the Off Topic board is always hopping with humour; however if a nice argument is more your style then join in The Lightning Round!

Your comments on our posts are always appreciated but there is a lot more to discover on PC Perspective when you look behind the front page.

It is June 1st ... cope with it!

Subject: Editorial | May 25, 2012 - 06:52 PM |
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It has been a while since last we visited the PC Perspective Forums on the front page but that does not imply that nothing has happened.  There are still problems to be solved with Operating Systems, ancient system BIOS upgrades and the ever popular driver questions to be answered.  You can learn about IvyBridge motherboards or finagling your second wireless router to behave as a WAPDrop by the Leaderboard Forum where you can discuss not only my picks for the Hardware Leaderboard but also any other PC builds you might be considering.

If your concerns are more specific then move on from the more general Forums to get help, be it recommendations about ASRock Z77 boards or maybe you have a Phenom II you want to overclock and enable extra cores on.  Pop by the Graphics Forum and discuss AMD's new Catalyst release as well as the new schedule or get right to the heart of the system with the Processor and the Overclocking Forums.

Our BOINC and Folding@Home teams are always looking for new members and new debaters in The Lightning Round are welcome to hope into the fray.  Those who like swap meets will love The Trading Post and for those of you just looking for a little high weirdness can hit the Off Topic Forum to create their own or witness ours in the latest PC Perspective Podcast!

In North America it is MC Hammer, Celine Dion and Tracy Chapman's birthday. In South Africa it is National Cleavage Day ...

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It is nice to see new members on the PC Perspective Forums, or even members who have been around for a while but haven't been as active as they once were.  We especially love the ones that aren't afraid to overclock their first machine, if you are going to jump into building your own machine you might as well do it with both feet.  Doing so leads to all sorts of interesting roads, first you start out buying your first UPS and the next thing you know you are building amazing mods like this.

Unfortunately after a while you become older than dirt and may become jaded after forty 'leven releases of GPUs you cannot buy even if you have the money to do, or you run into one too many audio card issues.  If you do hit that point, why not try a new operating system?  Go for a walk with a well dressed flightless waterfowl or jump through a Window you've never tried before ... if you haven't tried an OS recently you can be guaranteed it will be different from the last time you tried it. 

If that doesn't do it for you then sell all your kit at the Trading Post, though that means you won't be able to argue at The Lightning Round, game with the Fraggin' Frogs, chug with the BOINCers and F@Hers or even watch this weeks podcast ... so maybe one more hour of troubleshooting before you toss all your high tech out.

It could have been the start of the Easter Long Weekend today

Subject: General Tech | March 23, 2012 - 07:04 PM |
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They say that you know good art when you see it, for beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... and airflow is important in this case.  Others have abandoned the ridiculously poor thermal conductivity of air for the superior ability of water to move heat.  From the basics of setting up a watercooled system to an experienced member upgrading the watercooling in their system, if you have hot questions you are just burning to ask, head to the Cases'n'Cooling Forum for a deluge of answers. 

The Video Card Forum has been quite busy this week, trying to keep up with the large number of leaks that NVIDIA seems to have sprung this week (we believe in NDAs at PC Perspective), which cumulated in the release of the GTX 680 yesterday.  Are you headed out to buy one right now or are you saving up for another pair of monitors first?  Once you do finish the upgrade why not see if the extra peripheral vision will help you frag fellow Frogs on gaming night

If that is not your cuppa, then you could always join The Lightning Round to weigh in on your feelings about the Republican Primaries in the US or whatever other political or social topic you would like to have a debate about ... except the NDP Leadership race in Canada, after all you don't want to bore people.  On the other hand if you prefer to watch other people talk and debate then catch the latest episode of the PC Perspective Podcast available here and coming to a movie theatre near you.

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Subject: Editorial | March 16, 2012 - 06:53 PM |
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It is a sad thing to see the end of a hardware manufacturer or reseller as it means that a chunk of your old kit will no longer be usable and that maybe it really is time to toss out that old FIC motherboard.  Recently Abit shut its doors and closed its website, removing access to the legacy drivers which some members used and this week someone discovered the same thing about Soyo which means that they need to search long and hard to find drivers for their Dragon.  If you have any old kit from those manufacturers maybe it is time to let them go and start stockpiling 'newer'  old hardware or at the very least put it up on The Trading Post to see if fellow PCPer members would be interested in it.

Old hardware is not a worry for this forum member as you can tell from the X79 motherboard paired with an i7-3960X that was pushed all the way to 4.75Ghz at a voltage of 1.416V.  Something tells me that hardware pushed to that extreme has a short but very impressive life, whether it is cooled mostly by air or by a custom water cooler

Oh no, it wasn't the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast.

Subject: Editorial | March 2, 2012 - 06:55 PM |
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It has been a little while since we last visited the PC Perspective Forums and it seems that during that time there has been a little bit of worry about how PC Perspective will cope with the death of the PC.   Do not fret loyal readers, even as the desktop morphs into something unrecognizable and the technology inside shrinks and changes, PC Perspective will still be obsessively following the technology and keeping you informed of all of the latest and greatest developments ... except for those lousy consolesUnfortnately the same cannot be said for Abit.

Even if your personal computer is a tiny speck you can be guaranteed that will still be technical issues and networking problems, just like there is on your desktop PC.  You will still see stellar guides on how to care and feed your computer as well as knowledgeable forum members sharing their own system builds.  Even the Linux crew will still be around, they might even get the OS up and running on the proverbial dead badger

If that wasn't enough to send you scurrying then a Podcast run by Josh, Al and myself with no Ryan to control us ought to ... he was busy chasing tornadoes around Kentucky.

Happy Birthday Frank Miller!

Subject: Editorial | January 27, 2012 - 06:17 PM |
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It has been a while since we revisited our Forum members favourite antivirus programs, which is rectified by this thread right here.  In the Networking Forum you may find a brand new favourite storage device from iOmega, even if the dreaded 'Cloud' word is used.  Over in the Processor Forum you can get some good upgrade advice ... as in some times you don't need to unless you only use the machine for synthetic benchmarking.  Other times, the upgrade is very much worth it as long as you choose the right part for the job.

If you are a gamer and a PCPer and have yet to join the Fraggin' Frogs, shame on you!  Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8PM Eastern time you will find them playing a random game; right now it is a good chance of BF3 on the PCPer server.  When you aren't gaming, have you considered joining up with the Folding Frogs or one of our BOINC teams and donate your spare CPU cycles to cure cancer, spot pulsars or even help chug data from the LHC?   If you'd rather generate heat of a different sort, the current GOP candidate race has the Lightning Round sparking.   Remember, the more you post the more people will read and join in on the discussions on our forums, positive feedback in the most literal sense!

RIP Etta James, your voice will be missed

Subject: Editorial | January 20, 2012 - 06:18 PM |
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It has been a while since we last visited the PC Perspective Forums, what with the holidays and CES taking up large amounts of time, so it is only proper to take a look at what has been going on.  One member is having troubles with their gaming rig, not during gaming though, only when trying to watch Netflix, while another has been tasked to build a secure connection between a Doctor's office and a remote server

If you are looking to build a high end system, check out this mega-post covering the setup and performance of a Core i7-3960 and GIGABYTE G1.Assassin2 utilizing Intel's self contained watercooler.  The Processor Forum has threads pointing out the limited benefits of switching an i7-920 for an i5-2500K while the Cases'n'Cooling Forum features a Cooler Master Storm Enforcer which has been modded into an homage to Dead Space 2.  There is also an in depth look at how to make your own 3 bay, 5 drive adapter

The Audio forum offers up some suggestions to a user with broken leads on their motherboard while in the Storage Forum the imminent death of a Caviar Black drive is discussed.  Our Small Form Factor Forum has plenty of discussion about tablets and the Trading Post is stuffed with new For Sale threads.  Head on over to the Forums and see what you can learn, teach or both!

If you are in North America, wake up early to catch the lunar eclipse or just stay up all night playing Skyrim

Subject: Editorial | December 9, 2011 - 06:18 PM |
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If you ever needed proof that not all PSUs are created equally, just check out what happened to this new member who posted in the Tech Talk Forum and notice the elegant temporart solution that is now in place.  The same can be said of gaming mice, you can suffer with a bad one but why bother with all of these choices for around $50?   Once everything is up and working to your hearts content, why not make the statement that every enthusiast's PC is their castle literally true

If you are more into monitors and are considering going the 120Hz route, several members have suggestions for 3D displays in the Video Forum while this member already has a bg TV but is looking for a good graphics card to power it.   If you are shopping for a tablet then drop by the Mobile Forum as several other members are also investigating tablets, so pool your knowledge to make sure you get the best one for your needs.  You should also check out the Hot Deals Forum, there are many specials out there at this time of year to take advantage of.   As well the Trading Post is an excellent source of presents for yourself or possible others you care about.

Once again, the PC Perspective Podcast is available in both audio and visual form before the weekend, so you can spend quality time with Al, Josh and myself on Friday night because we wouldn't want you to have to drink alone!

Did you know that actor Harrison Ford died 54 years ago, today?

Subject: Editorial | December 2, 2011 - 05:28 PM |
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Nobody said that the PC Perspective Forums can only be about PCs, for instance this thread looking for advice on a power amp is music to our ears.  Perhaps instead of a PC problem you have an issue with a DNS forwarding issue or there is always this thread.  Of course, PCs and the problems they have are a much more common topic, from older motherboards that might be showing their age to an indepth look at brand new ITX motherboard.  You can even get tips on reducing your computers power consumption

In the Cases'n'Cooling Forum you can check out a members new case mod project and in the Gaming Forum you can check out what The Fragging Frogs are playing.  The Lightning Round is geared up for the upcoming US elections and the Trading Post is a great resource for Christmas presents.  You should also check out the PC Perspective Podcast right now and share it with several friends or we will start taking forever to upload the video again!