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Subject: General Tech | November 18, 2011 - 06:29 PM |
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Maybe it is the upcoming Black Friday sales, maybe it is the Christmas season starting up but it seems a lot of members are out shopping.  From a new gaming mouse to heatsinks and partial upgrades or tablets the forums are in a buying mood, except for one Grinch-like SSD

The Processor Forum is buzzing with talk about the new Sandy Bridge E chip but the cool kids are hanging out in the Cases'n'Cooling Forum.  The observant might have noticed a strange thread appear, where our fearless leader is soliciting members opinions of Antec.  You can bet there is a good reason for that, so toss in your two cents. 

In the Storage Forum, the SSD experiment hits its third week,  while another user is shopping for a SATA 6Gb/s add in cardYou might hear crickets chirping in the Gaming Forum, but between Battlefield 3 and Skyrim, who has time to post! 

You should be able to see the PC Perspective Podcast video by now, it seems a lovely little group called Symbolic Digital Movies beleives they own the bucket head video and so claimed copyright and had the video blocked.  Hopefully at some point they remove their heads from a completely different place.


Only 50 shopping days until Christmas, better hurry up!

Subject: Editorial | November 4, 2011 - 06:11 PM |
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If you feel that you are not having the best day today, be thankful you are not trying to remotely assist someone with BIOS problems in Russia ... and neither of you speak the others language.  Still, you might have the kind of day when you manage to overlook one small detail and end up frustrated to no end.  Then you decide to relieve your frustrations by blowing up friends and strangers in Battlefield 3 only to discover your factory overclocked card was perhaps not the best purchase.  Worse, you could be running out of storage space and be shocked by the current price of hard drives for your upgrade.

At least not everyone in the PC Perspective Forums is having a bad day, some are even having a blast or are trying out brand new hardware!  Others are blasting away with the Fragging Frogs as quite a few top tier games have arrived recently.  There are also a few enjoying the early arrival of the PC Perspective Podcast video, now with a lot less facial hair.

Black Monday was very different from Black Friday ... might want to keep that in mind in November

Subject: Editorial | October 28, 2011 - 06:26 PM |
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Buying a new motherboard because it can do tricks that your old one can't is good, having a motherboard learn new tricks after you've bought it; not so much.  In the Motherboard Forum member BeardedFrog's Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z board which throws a fit if it is rebooted with an HDMI connected HDTV present; think it is the board, the GPU or do you have another idea?  If you are more of a Llano type, then windwithme's indepth look at the ECS A75-A motherboard will be a great read for you.

Over in the Processor Forum there is no more speculation about Bulldozer as no one really wants to talk about the product that was delivered, so instead why not switch camps and discuss SandyBridge-E which we shall be seeing soon.  On the other hand you can check out all the high end components that Juggalo3451 stuffed into a monstrous CaseLabs TH10 case. Storage fanatics might want to offer their advice to this member, and gamers who haven't joined the Fraggin' Frogs yet should really head over to that forum if they want to play with the gang on Ryan's server or any other one for that matter.  Especially if you want in on the all day BF3 party tomorrow!

 Regular podcast watchers will be shocked to learn that the video is already up for Podcast #176; and shocked again when they realize it is just Josh and I holding down the fort in our own special way ... at least until Ryan finally shows for the closing ceremonies.

Way to go Yeager; you broke it!

Subject: Editorial | October 14, 2011 - 06:30 PM |
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It seems that the simplest questions can create the biggest stir as a members question about the current relevance of sound cards has been one of the more popular threads in the General Tech forum lately.  Have you chimed in yet?   No matter how strong the feelings are about sound cards, they have nothing on the conversations about AMD's release of the Bulldozer.  We have been waiting for it so long that it could never live up to our expectations, but still it does seem more of a let down than anyone was expecting.

In the Storage Forum one members project to track any changes in the performance of his SSD as it is used has hit the three week mark, check out the results so far.  The Linux Forum has a discussion about GNOME while the Windows 8 thread in the Microsoft Forum has grown quiet recently.  The opposite is happening in the Gaming Forum as the Rage thread grows and grows and The Lighning Round never grows silent.

The Podcast video is a little delayed this week, but fear not as the audio version is ready right now.  Otherwise we appreciate your patience and the video shall appear soonish.

Thank you Lady Ada of Lovelace

Subject: Editorial | October 7, 2011 - 06:20 PM |
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If you were to drop by the Processor Forum you will be swept up in a discussion about Bulldozer in no time at all. The long running rumour thread is still very popular and now there are new questions and suggestions appearing as the release date creeps ever closer and the leaks keep appearing everywhere.  Take a quick pop into the Cases'n'Cooling forum for a look at this member's new build.  After that head to the Storage forum and keep an eye on this thread; one of our members is keeping track of any performance changes that occur as his RAID 0 SSDs are filled and used.  Windows 8 is still the topic of choice in our Microsoft forum while Battlefield 3 is the hot topic in the Gaming forum. 

As always the Lightning Round has plenty of action, perhaps the only good thing about the current global situation is that it provides no end of things to debate.  Head to the Trading Post for a new phone or hardware, or even visit this thread where a member will gladly take all your old dusty PC parts off your hands for free.

You should also check this weeks PC Perspective Google Hangout, and get a look at some of Ryan's new AV gear.  Don't worry, we will be back on next week.


Ethernet is now legally allowed to drink in the US

Subject: General Tech | September 30, 2011 - 06:23 PM |
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The Tech Talk Forum captures a wide variety of topics, though a little more focussed than the spread you might find in the Off Topic Forum.  For instance, at the same time that a poll inquires as to whether you think sound cards are even worth purchasing anymore there is another thread discussing a video rendering machine that does not even list a sound card in the build anywhere.  One assumes the machine will not be making silent movies.  

In the Motherboard Forum you can get a blast from the past, not only is a member having a problem with a Tyan board, another is inquiring about a DFI board.  There is a good chance some of our members have never heard of those manufacturers, let alone seen a board from them; other members might get a wee trip down memory lane.  If you are more interested in new hardware, how about windwithme's comprehensive look at the Gigabyte G1. Sniper

In the Processor forum, you might want to keep an eye out on this thread as it might just get a little busier in the very near future.   In the Cases and Cooling Forum you can read about the proper philosophy behind applying thermal paste (hint: no spatula required).  If you are curious about the Vertex 3 series of SSDs, you should definitely hit this thread in the Storage Forum to get the real story instead of just hearsay.  If you are more interested in Windows 8 and the developer version that was recently made available, then off to the Windows Forum with you.  

If you are feeling more like finding entertainment on a Friday, then the Battlefield 3 thread has picked up, in part because of Ryan's virtual party last night.  If not, there is The Lightning Round where you can vent your spleen about recent events or even The Trading Post where you can engage in a little swapping.

As well, thanks to the new motivational tool that Ryan picked up, Ken has already posted this weeks PC Perspective Podcast in audio and video.

Rockin' at 6.4 in Vancouver

Subject: General Tech | September 9, 2011 - 06:50 PM |
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It seems this wasn't a good week for some PC Perspective members and their personal rigs.  From an overclocked rig that wouldn't behave to misbehaving motherboards to an alarm program that thinks it is an engineer there have been a variety of threads started up in the General Tech forum.  If your PC is acting just fine and you have the inclination to tinker with something else there is a guide on how to build your own directional antenna for your wireless devices.  The AMD Bulldozer rumour thread is also active this week, perhaps in part triggered by Josh's article

In the Cases and Cooling Forum you can see some great pictures of a modding project to militarize a Thermaltake Level 10 case and instructions on how to remove the front panel of an Antec 900.  In the Audio Corner you can catch a good discussion about the best speakers available at a reasonable price to pump up the volume of your TV, while in the Storage Forum you can get some advice on tweaking your SSD performance

If you are more of a audio and  visual type and would rather hear us talking about hardware instead of reading it, Ken was feeling his Wheaties and already has the video of this weeks PC Perpsective Podcast up.  It even has our first ever video question sent in by a viewer.

Happy Birthday Rick Hansen

Subject: General Tech | August 26, 2011 - 05:11 PM |
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Even we at PC Perspective have been hit with data loss, for instance quiet a few of the older podcast recordings were sent to silicon heaven when Ryan's RAID array bit the big one, which is why it is always nice to see new options for backing up data safely and securely. You can read about a new option in the Networking and Security forum which one member has had experience with.  Head to the Motherboard Forum for a different members in depth analysis of the Gigabyte A75M-D2H which will prove a perfect base for a Llano build. 

The Overclocking Forum is seeing some action as well, with two different members writing about their experiences overclocking their systems, one of whom even provides pictures.  Not as many pictures as in this system build though

If you are more in the mood for socializing, the Fragging Frogs would love to have you join them for a gaming session so that you will be fresh for the arrival of Battlefield 3 or you could vist The Lightning Round for battle of a different type. You can chat with the Folding Frogs or the Killer Frogs BOINC team as well as donate your spare CPU cycles to a good cause or just poke through the Trading Post to see what kit you can pick up from fellow members.  As well don't forget this weeks podcast, where we don't talk about Steve Jobs.

Happy 30th birthday IBM PC 5150!

Subject: General Tech | August 12, 2011 - 05:18 PM |
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Computer maintenance can be a long and tedious process, trying to find rogue processes, old and useless registry entries or cleaning out temp files takes time to do manually or with the tools provided within Windows.  That is part of the reason that programs that automate cleaning are so popular, though some are almost ransome-ware so be careful which ones you choose.  The same goes when you are trying out new anti-virus programs as well.  For extra bonus points you can bring network and hardware maintenance into the mix as well, from replacing elderly protocols to replacing elderly hardware, there are lots of problems to fill your spare time.  Even keeping track of your vendors can absorb hours. Check out the Microsoft Forum for more issues ... as well as solutions, of course.

If you'd rather have a bit of fun instead of working, the Gaming Forum's Fragging Frogs are available on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to help you out with that.  The Lightning Round is available for those who prefer their smackdowns to be delivered with words than with bullets.  If you are more altruistic, donate your CPU cycles to a BOINC project or to Folding@Home, or even join in the 24 hour a day swap meet that is the Trading Post.

You have probably noticed a lot of content on the front page covering Quakecon and the interview that Ryan did with John Carmack, so you are right in assuming that the PC Perspective Podcast spends a goodly amount of time on the same topic ... and others.


Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day

Subject: Editorial | July 29, 2011 - 11:20 PM |
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Heading into the PC Perspective Forums today will net you a wide variety of tips, from new cables to new cable modems, as well as unexpected shutdowns and even someone new to the game.  Head to the Motherboard Forum and you can learn all about BioStar's new TZ68A+ and in the Graphics Card Forum you'll find a mix of proud owners of new multimonitor rigs as well as those who are a little less proud of their recent purchase. 

If you own an Intel SSD and are worried about the 8MB bad power off problem you should keep an eye on this thread which will show you a temporary fix and will be updated as Intel works on a permanent fix.  Catch a reminder of the various types of RAM that have been used over the years in the Memory Forum or remind yourself of this old experiment with Windows. If that is not your cup of tea, then get some advice on setting up an AHCI HDD in Linux with our knowledgable penguin flavoured Frogs.

The Lightning Round is hopping as always, with one thread drawing ever closer to the 25K mark, though the BOINC team still has a larger number to tell you about.  The Trading Post has had a few new items go up as well for anyone wanting to buy or trade.  As a last stop you can check out the first PC Perspective Podcast broadcast from the new Brick TWiT house, same old guys but new digs and new technology.