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Subject: General Tech, Systems | September 29, 2014 - 01:21 PM |
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The Tech Report have compiled the data from their survey of readers machines and the data is now posted in this article.  You can see how your build compares to the major trends that they observed, from the number and type of monitors that you use to the amount of RAM you have installed.  The most interesting page covers the odd facts which were revealed such as the overwhelming predominance of ATX boards and cases that are being used despite the fact that 75% of respondents having only a single card installed in their systems.  It is also interesting to note a mere 10% of those responding use more than one GPU.  Check out the findings here.


"Typical PC enthusiasts may spend more on their PCs than you might think—and by the looks of it, their taste for high-end hardware isn't just limited to core components. Those are two of the main takeaways from the TR Hardware Survey 2014, in which we invited readers to answer 26 questions about their PCs. Around 4,000 of you participated over a period of about a week and a half, and the results paint an enlightening picture of current trends in the hobbyist PC realm. "

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PSU autopsy, examining the internal organs of the power supply

Subject: Cases and Cooling | April 15, 2011 - 12:23 PM |
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Drop buy TechPowerUp for a dissection of a common PSU for PCs.  The sticker on the side of mosty PSUs warns about opening the casing as there are no "user serviceable parts" inside.  We all know that to be a lie, as long as you let the capacitors bleed out their charge before touching them with anything metal.


"The objective of this article is to give detailed, but easy to understand information about the most crucial part of a PC system, the Power Supply Unit. Follow us into this journey to the PSU territory and we promise you that you will gain valuable knowledge."

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