The Holidays are Over, and so is CES

Subject: Editorial | January 9, 2005 - 12:00 AM |
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With both holidays and this years CES show under my belt, its time to move on and start back to the regular old, day to day kind of work at PC Perspective. That means reviews and articles all kinds of fun things for you guys to read and participate in.

Speaking of participation, I almost on the verge of opening up a vote for PCP's Reader Awards of 2004. What do you all think of the idea of having forum readers vote on subjects like the best chipest and video card of 2004?

Time to start getting ready for the holidays

Subject: Editorial | December 20, 2004 - 07:15 PM |
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If you haven't read my NVIDIA PureVideo article yet, it will probably interest you if you find video image quality important at all. The new driver (publically available soon) will actually enable that video processor that exists in all the 6-series graphics cards from NVIDIA, with the exception of the WMV9 hardware decode that is still broken on the NV40 and NV45 chips.

I was interesting for me to delve into the world of high defintion DVD and all the different standards that are fighting for dominance.