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I got your $13.9 Billion over here...

Intel had a record quarter.  Are we tired of hearing that yet?  I guess that depends on who a person is investing with.  Earlier this quarter Intel warned that their results could be negatively affected by the current hard drive shortage that we are experiencing.  Apparently, this was a factor, but it did not stop Intel from still having a record quarter.


Q4 2011 turned out to be gangbusters for Intel.  They reported gross revenue of $13.9 billion, which is significantly higher than the expected $13.74 billion analysts were predicting.  Net income came in at $3.4 billion with an impressive 65.5% gross margin.  The overall year was also record setting at $54 billion gross revenue and $12.9 billion net income.  For comparison, AMD has a gross revenue of about $6.8 billion and a net income of around $300 million.  2010 was a record year for Intel in that they surpassed $40 billion in revenue for the first time in the company’s history, and this year saw revenue over $10 billion higher.  Intel is certainly hitting their stride, and they do not look to slow down anytime soon.

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As the neighborhoods are adorned with lights and reindeer decorations, and the airwaves are ringing with Christmas carols, one realizes that it is that time of year again!  Although December arrived much faster than any of us at PC Perspective expected, there is no doubt that time to purchase gifts is running short and this year is almost over.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, the PC Perspective team got into a discussion about items and services that we would want for Christmas and that we felt would make really great gifts for our loved ones.  And thus the PC Perspective Holiday Gift Guide 2011 was born!

PC Perspective Holiday Gift Guide 2011.png

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Eight Core Intel Preview Chip Appears On Auction Site

Subject: Processors | May 8, 2011 - 07:56 PM |
Tagged: sandy bridge, Eight Core, 2011

Although the item is no longer for sale--likely due to threatened legal action from Intel--an Eight core (socket 2011) Sandy Bridge chip briefly went on sale for a sum of $1359.99 on auction site Ebay.


The chip reads "Intel Confidential Q19D ES 1.60GHz" and is alleged to be a preview chip for a socket 2011 Sandy Bridge processor capable of 8cores/16threads at 1.6Ghz. AMD's Bulldozer chips rocking eight cores have been announced for some time now and are planned to release in the first half of this year.  Intel has been content in fighting AMD's six core chips with its hyperthreaded quad cores; however, as more prevalent and optimized multi-threaded applications take advantage of AMDs higher number of physical cores, Intel may be planning to match AMD physical core for physical core in a plan to keep AMD at bay.

The new Intel chips should help to slow AMD's rise in server market share, while also trickling down the idea of (further optimized) multi-threaded applications to consumer markets. With that said, even though consumer level applications cannot currently fully utilize sixteen threads, the Tim Taylor-esque part of many hardware enthusiasts (especially folders) would love to have one anyway!

Source: Maximum PC