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Internals, Testing Methodology and System Setup

02/16/2016 - 07:50

Internals [inline:files/review/2016-02-16/160210-174756.jpg] The external housing is a slight revision to what we saw with the 840 EVO. As you might note above, the top and bottom are now flipped. Aside from that, construction feels similar and just as...

What Micron's Upcoming 3D NAND Means for SSD Capacity, Performance, and Cost

02/14/2016 - 14:51

You may have seen a wave of Micron 3D NAND news posts these past few days, and while many are repeating the 11-month old news with talks of 10TB/3.5TB on a 2.5"/M.2 form factor SSDs, I'm here to dive into the bigger implications of what the...

OCZ Launches Trion 150, Successor to Trion 100 SATA SSD, Now Using 15nm Flash

02/03/2016 - 15:31

*Note* This piece originally stated 'A15nm', however this was an error in the Trion 150 spec sheet at OCZ. It has been corrected in this article (as well as at the OCZ web site). 2015 was a bit of a rough year for OCZ, as their integration with...

Triple M.2 Samsung 950 Pro Z170 PCIe NVMe RAID Tested - Why So Snappy?

02/01/2016 - 10:43

NVMe was a great thing to happen to SSDs. The per-IO reduction in latency and CPU overhead was more than welcome, as PCIe SSDs were previously using the antiquated AHCI protocol, which was a carryover from the SATA HDD days. With NVMe came additional...

Thermals and Conclusion

01/30/2016 - 14:08

*note* If you skipped straight to the last page of this piece, you missed the important stuff! Go back a page to get the goods! [inline:files/review/2016-01-30/write spread QD16.png] Thermals

Latency Distribution and Latency Percentile

01/29/2016 - 17:36

Latency Distribution

Preliminary Results at Varying RAID Levels

01/29/2016 - 16:50

I first ran through some simple tests of varying the number of SSDs in the array. First here are a series of ATTO results taken at QD=10: Single 950 Pro 512GB [inline:files/review/2016-01-29/atto-10-1-.png] RAID-0 2x 950 Pro [inline:files/review/2016-01-...

Setup and Configuration

01/29/2016 - 16:18

While configuring this system for RAID, there is an important limitation of the Z170 chipset to consider: [inline:files/review/2016-01-29/3-1080.1843704096-.png]

Fixstars Launches 13TB 2.5" SATA SSD Geared Towards Media Streaming

01/13/2016 - 21:57

Got a high bandwidth video camera that fills a piddly 4TB SSD in too short of a time? How about a 13TB SSD! [inline:files/news/2016-01-13/ssd-pinot2-15mm-for-press.png] Fixstars certainly gets cool points for launching such a high capacity SSD, but there...

Seagate Breaks into Helium Market with 10TB Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive

01/13/2016 - 14:38

Seagate updated their Enterprise Capacity line of HDDs this morning with a monster of a 10TB unit: [inline:files/news/2016-01-13/Seagate 10TB Helium.jpg] To achieve this capacity, Seagate switched over to a sealed, Helium filled design (similar to...