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Battery Life Part 2: Battery Boost Functionality (cont'd), Traditional Battery Tests

12/11/2014 - 23:44

Continuing our Battery Boost testing from the last page... StarCraft II Battery Boost OFF: [inline:files/review/2014-12-11/battery-starcraft2-bboff.jpg] Just 49 minutes of runtime is likely to do you in even quicker than a Zerg rush.  Fortunately,...

Battery Life Part 1: Introduction and Battery Boost Functionality

12/11/2014 - 23:34

[inline:files/review/2014-12-11/five_pictures10_3271_20140930093231_1.png] Battery Life and Power Management

User Interface, A/V Quality, and Thermal Design

12/11/2014 - 22:55

User Interface We’ve already touched on the GT72’s far superior physical buttons, replacing their capacitive GT70 counterparts which we so frequently maligned.  But a few other minor improvements to the user interface have also snuck...

Lenovo Y50 Touch Gaming Notebook Review: In Touch With Your Budget

10/03/2014 - 10:40

[inline:files/review/2014-09-23/P8020019.jpg] A little over a year ago, we posted our review of the Lenovo Y500, which was a gaming notebook that leveraged not one, but two discrete video adapters (2 x NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M in SLI, to be exact) to...


09/23/2014 - 15:14

[inline:files/review/2014-09-23/P8020002.jpg] The IdeaPad Y50’s goal of providing gaming-grade performance with a budget-friendly price tag is mostly a success. It manages to unseat the Y500 in every meaningful benchmark and it provides respectable...

Performance - Synthetic GPU/Gaming

09/23/2014 - 15:06

Synthetic GPU Benchmarks

Performance - Processor, Applications, Storage Devices

09/23/2014 - 15:03


User Interface, A/V Quality, Thermal Design, Battery Life

09/23/2014 - 14:51

User Interface [inline:files/review/2014-09-23/P9230197.jpg]

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Convertible Review: Business Flexibility

07/28/2014 - 13:27

[inline:files/review/2014-07-21/P4054219.jpg] The next candidate in our barrage of ThinkPad reviews is the ThinkPad Yoga, which, at first glance, might seem a little bit redundant.  After all, we’ve already got three current-gen Yoga models to...


07/21/2014 - 13:20

[inline:files/review/2014-07-21/P4054204.jpg] There are multiple angles from which to approach the ThinkPad Yoga’s evaluation, so in our conclusion here, we’ll try and break it down for you in context with both the X240 and the previous Yogas...