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Ryan started PC Perspective in 2004 and before that ran hardware review websites by the name of Amdmb.com and Athlonmb.com.  Besides taking care of the day to day operations of the pcper.com, managing content and producing a podcast, he also hosts This Week in Computer Hardware on the This Week in Tech network with Patrick Norton.  

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Accessories and Performance Preview

07/20/2014 - 18:38

Not all of the changes in the SHIELD Tablet are in hardware, though. The team at NVIDIA has been working on the software features as well. [inline:files/review/2014-07-20/12.jpg]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 Android Tablet Review - Utilizing NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC

07/20/2014 - 12:23

Back in May a Chinese company announced what was then the first and only product based on NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 SoC, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9. Since then we have had a couple of other products hit our news wire including Google’s own Project Tango...

Battery Life and Conclusions

07/18/2014 - 13:51

My battery testing with the Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 is a bit limited for now as I was only able to run our now standard PCPer Wi-Fi test. In this test, display brightness is normalized and we run a script which cycles through websites every 30 seconds.  [...

GPU Performance

07/15/2014 - 17:20

The one area I definitely assumed the Tegra K1 would have a sizeable advantage is in the GPU department. By including a full Kepler SMX on the die, the K1 has more GPU horsepower than any other consumer SoC available on the market. This is evident in...

CPU Performance

07/15/2014 - 17:17

The CPU side of the NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC is pretty similar to that of the Tegra 4 part. Both parts are based on a quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 design with a clock speed maximum of 2.2 GHz, with a fifth A15 core that runs at a maximum of 1.0 GHz to offer...

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 Tablet

07/15/2014 - 17:14

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 is a Wi-Fi only Android tablet that features more than just NVIDIA’s latest Tegra processor. As the name implies, it has a 7.9-in IPS screen with a 1536x2048 resolution that results in a 324 ppi (pixels per inch) providing a...

Video Perspective: Corsair Flash Voyager GTX 128GB SSD-based USB 3.0 Drive

07/15/2014 - 08:00

We don't normally do reviews on USB flash drives, even if they are USB 3.0 based. But the Corsair Flash Voyager GTX turned out to be a bit different. Not only is this a USB 3.0 capable thumb drive, it is powered by an SSD controller, pushing...

Win a BYOC Seat at Quakecon 2014!

07/09/2014 - 16:27

Are you interested in attending Quakecon 2014 next weekend in Dallas, TX but just can't swing the BYOC spot? Well, thanks to our friends at Quakecon and at PC Part Picker, we have two BYOC spots up for grabs for fans of PC Perspective! [inline:files/...

Video Perspective: Puget Systems Test Bench EATX Version 1 Open Air Case

07/08/2014 - 12:39

Open air cases are a pretty niche market. The number of DIY users that are interested or willing to have their components fully exposed need to have some specific goals in mind. You could be a full time overclocker, looking for easy access to the CPU...

MSI Radeon R9 280 3GB Gaming Review - Tahiti Continues Its Run

07/02/2014 - 14:48

Though not really new, the AMD Radeon R9 280 GPU is a part that we really haven't spent time with at PC Perspective. Based on the same Tahiti GPU found in the R9 280X, the HD 7970, the HD 7950 and others, the R9 280 fits at a price point and...