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Ryan started PC Perspective in 2004 and before that ran hardware review websites by the name of Amdmb.com and Athlonmb.com.  Besides taking care of the day to day operations of the pcper.com, managing content and producing a podcast, he also hosts This Week in Computer Hardware on the This Week in Tech network with Patrick Norton.  

You can find Ryan mostly on PC Perspective, but also in a few key places:


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The Display

02/16/2015 - 22:08

If you want to talk about first impressions, nothing beats the first time you look at the display on the Dell Venue 8 7000. With a 2560x1600 resolution on an OLED screen that just oozes color, you first look at this tablet is going to be positive. The...

Design and Build Quality

02/16/2015 - 22:07

The design of the Dell Venue 8 7000 is unique in a lot of ways. Starting with dimensions alone, the device measures just 215.8mm (8.50-in) tall, 124.4mm (4.88-in) wide and 6mm (0.24-in) thick. Dell makes claims that the Venue 8 7000 is the “world...

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Performance Preview

02/12/2015 - 09:00

Introduction It is increasingly obvious that in the high end smartphone and tablet market, much like we saw occur over the last several years in the PC space, consumers are becoming more concerned with features and experiences than just raw...

GPU Performance and Closing Thoughts

02/11/2015 - 19:46

GFXBench Offscreen – T-Rex The T-Rex test is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 and includes textures, material, geometry and particle effective that were highly detailed at the time of release. The graphics rendering engine features planar reflection,...

CPU Performance

02/11/2015 - 19:42

Reference Testing Platform

GeForce GTX 960 Overclocking Report: 13 Cards Tested

02/06/2015 - 09:08

Back on the launch day of the GeForce GTX 960, we hosted NVIDIA's Tom Petersen for a live stream. During the event, NVIDIA and its partners provided ten GTX 960 cards for our live viewers to win which we handed out through about an hour and a half....

Gigabyte BRIX S BXi7H-5500 Broadwell Ultra Compact PC Review

02/04/2015 - 16:01

Ultra compact computers, otherwise known as small form factor PCs, are a rapidly increasing market as consumers realize that, for nearly all purposes other than gaming and video editing, Ultrabook-class hardware is "fast enough". I know that...

Power Consumption and Conclusions

02/03/2015 - 15:21

Low power consumption is not as crucial of a feature in a small form factor PC, which is always plugged in, as it would be for a new notebook based on Broadwell. Still, it is interesting to look at (if only to compare architectures). [inline:files/review...

Performance Results

02/03/2015 - 15:20

The Gigabyte BRIX S is our first access to a full Broadwell-U processor, and so I was very curious to see how it performed against our previous small form factor designs. The review unit is being compared to the our Intel NUC device based on a 15 watt...

Breaking it Open

02/03/2015 - 14:24

Breaking open the BRIX S is as simple as removing four long screws and prying at the bottom of the bottom metal plate. Remember that the BRIX devices come as a bare bones configuration with only the M.2 slot containing an Intel 3160NGW combination...