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Ryan started PC Perspective in 2004 and before that ran hardware review websites by the name of Amdmb.com and Athlonmb.com.  Besides taking care of the day to day operations of the pcper.com, managing content and producing a podcast, he also hosts This Week in Computer Hardware on the This Week in Tech network with Patrick Norton.  

You can find Ryan mostly on PC Perspective, but also in a few key places:


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NVIDIA Under Attack Again for GameWorks in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

05/17/2015 - 12:04

I feel like every few months I get to write more stories focusing on the exact same subject. It's almost as if nothing in the enthusiast market is happening and thus the cycle continues, taking all of us with it on a wild ride of arguments and...

NVIDIA SHIELD and SHIELD Pro Show up on Amazon

05/16/2015 - 13:00

UPDATE: Whoops! It appears that Amazon took the listing down... No surprise there. I'm sure we'll be seeing them again VERY SOON. :) Looks like the release of the new NVIDIA SHIELD console device, first revealed back at GDC in March, is nearly...

What Makes a Mobile GPU Tick? Interview with ARM's Jem Davies

05/15/2015 - 13:56

Have you ever wondered how a mobile GPU is born? Or how the architecture of a mobile GPU like ARM Mali differs from the technology in your discrete PC graphics card? Perhaps you just want to know if ideas like HBM (high bandwidth memory) are going to...

Video Perspective: AKracing (AK-6014) Ergonomic Gaming Chair

05/13/2015 - 18:54

I will be the first to admit that just a couple of weeks ago I had zero need for a gaming chair. But when 4GamerGear.com offered to send us one of the AKracing AK-6014 ergonomic executive units, I agreed. I went out of town for a week and returned to...

Giveaway! Take home a 20th Anniversary ASUS GeForce GTX 980!

05/12/2015 - 12:11

I bet many of you are going to feel a little old as you read this, but ASUS is celebrating its 20th anniversary of being in the graphics card market! Starting in 1996, when ASUS launched its first discrete graphics product based on the S3 Virge/DX GPU...

Intel NUC5i7RYH SFF System Review - Broadwell and Iris Graphics

05/11/2015 - 13:24

If you thought that Intel was going to slow down on its iteration in the SFF (small form factor) system design, you were sadly mistaken. It was February when Intel first sent us a NUC based on Broadwell, an iterative upgrade over a couple of generations...

AMD Previews New Flagship GPU with HBM and 3x Perf/Watt Improvements

05/06/2015 - 14:21

During today's 2015 AMD Financial Analyst Day, CEO Dr. Lisa Su discussed some of the details of the upcoming enthusiast Radeon graphics product. Though it wasn't given a name, she repeatedly said that the product would be announced "in the...

Storage Performance, Power and Conclusions

05/05/2015 - 13:28

Okay, this really isn't a fair fight, but the NVMe storage that Intel sent along with the NUC5i7RYH just begs to be benchmarked at least once. [inline:files/review/2015-05-05/951-nvme-6.png] So, what exactly can you do with 2.26 GB/s read and 1.26 GB...

Noticeable Performance Upgrade

05/05/2015 - 13:25

Performance considerations for Intel NUC devices are usually pretty bland but the new Core i7 variant of the Broadwell generation produces much higher than expected performance increases. To go along with that though you have a 28 watt vs 15 watt TDP (...

Insides: NVMe Support!

05/05/2015 - 13:24

For those of you that have never seen inside an Intel NUC, you'll be pleasently surprised by the amount of technology that Intel is able to pack into such a small space. If you have seen the insides of one of them before...there isn't anything...