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Josh started writing about the computer field in 1997, opened his own site in 1999 (, and joined PC Perspective in 2008.  He handles a lot of the general tech and some of the deep dives into products such as CPUs and GPUs.  He appears on the PC Perspective Podcast live every Wednesday night at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT.

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Thrustmaster T300 Servo Base Review: The Foundation

12/16/2015 - 01:10

Who would have thought that racing wheels would be so much fun?  I have mentioned this before, but until recently my experience with these products has been pretty limited.  I used a joystick for at least a decade after I started into PC racing...

Thrustmaster Offers T300 Servo Base as a Standalone Product

11/11/2015 - 19:39

Seems we have been on a bit of a Thrustmaster kick as of late?  We are not really complaining as there are certainly some interesting products that the company offers.  The latest product is not new, but how it is presented is.  ...

Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Wheel Review: The Gateway to Potential Insanity

11/04/2015 - 21:44

Gaming wheels are a pretty interesting subset of the hardware world.  It seems the vast majority of gamers out there are keyboard and mouse players, or skew towards console controllers which are relatively inexpensive as compared to joysticks or...


11/04/2015 - 19:37

Thrustmaster set out to redefine the entry level enthusiast wheel, and I think they did a very good job overall.  It is not a perfect wheel.  It has some drawbacks as I described above.  When any company works to cost-optimize a product,...

T150 Impressions

11/04/2015 - 19:35

A user gets what they pay for.  This is a great case in point.  There is a reason why this costs as much as it does.  This is not to say that this is a bad product, but it does not compare well to products that cost $100 and more.  ...

Apple Dual Sources A9 SOCs with TSMC and Samsung: Some Extra Thoughts

09/30/2015 - 21:55

So the other day the nice folks over at Chipworks got word that Apple was in fact sourcing their A9 SOC at both TSMC and Samsung.  This is really interesting news on multiple fronts.  From the information gleaned the two parts are the APL0898 (...

Thrustmaster TX F458 Ferrari Italia Edition Review: Stepping Up the Wheel Game

09/23/2015 - 18:05

I remember very distinctly the first racing game I had ever played and where.  It was in the basement of a hotel in Billings, MT where I first put a couple of quarters through the ATARI Night Driver arcade machine.  It was a very basic...

Further Impressions and Conclusion

09/23/2015 - 01:30

The Force Feedback Effects on this unit are much, much better represented than the previous F430.  The response seems quicker, smoother, and just more accurate as to what is going on with the road and the car.  The belt and pulley system, which...

The F458 Continued

09/23/2015 - 01:29

There is a lot of flexibility to this particular setup, even though it is one of the lower priced options from Thrustmaster.  The wheel can be swapped out for three other units if a user does not like the Ferrari replica wheel.  Recently...

Jim Keller Leaves AMD

09/18/2015 - 13:00

2012 was a significant year for AMD.  Many of the top executives left and there were many new and exciting hires at the company.  Lisa Su, who would eventually become President and CEO of AMD was hired in January of that year.  Rory Read...