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Josh started writing about the computer field in 1997, opened his own site in 1999 (, and joined PC Perspective in 2008.  He handles a lot of the general tech and some of the deep dives into products such as CPUs and GPUs.  He appears on the PC Perspective Podcast live every Wednesday night at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT.

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Results: Unigine Heaven 4.0

08/05/2015 - 11:04

This particular benchmark nicely shows the performance hit that we would expect to see with varied levels of tessellation enabled.  I tested with it disabled, moderate, normal, and extreme.  We should get a good feeling about how these cards...

Results: 3D Mark Fire Strike

08/05/2015 - 11:03

The latest benchmark from Futuremark can certainly hammer on the latest video cards.  I run the tests at the standard setting so we can set a good baseline for how a card SHOULD perform.  AMD and NVIDIA work very hard to tune their products to...

Test Setup and Errata

08/05/2015 - 11:02

Test Setup

GTX 970 AMP! Extreme Core Edition Continued

08/05/2015 - 11:01

The cooler is covered by a very sharp looking grey shroud with carbon fiber accents.  The card itself is very heavy and very long.  The cooler extends a couple inches past the PCB.  The card features 2 x 6 pin power connectors which should...

AMD Releases New WHQL Catalyst 15.7 Drivers

07/08/2015 - 16:52

Sadly, it is not every month that we see a new AMD WHQL driver release.  Several years back AMD made the promise that they would release WHQL drivers on a monthly basis, and for quite a while they kept to that promise.  Engineering cuts, new...

Logitech G230 and G35 Headsets Review: Immersive Gaming Nirvana?

07/08/2015 - 09:41

Logitech has been around seemingly forever.  The Swiss based company is ubiquitous in the peripherals market, providing products ranging from keyboards and mice, to speakers and headsets.  There is not much that the company does not offer when...

Wrapping them Up

07/07/2015 - 23:12

Logitech has really focused on the gaming market with some pretty solid products.  It does not look like they are simply applying marketing labels, but are actually doing quite a bit of science to increase the efficacy of their products when it...

G35 Impressions

07/07/2015 - 23:11

I had tested the G230 products first, and while they are entirely serviceable, they were not great.  I did not have high expectations for what looked to be a very physically similar model in terms of specs.  Yes, it was USB based, but what...

The G35

07/07/2015 - 23:10

The Logitech G35 is a very different animal from the G230.  This is a USB based headset that does not rely on the audio hardware of the PC.  The cable is plugged in and all power and signal is transported by the USB connection.  The...

G230 Impressions

07/07/2015 - 23:09

The headphones are nicely built and designed for comfort.  The cups have a serious amount of rotation and a user can lay the headset flat when not in use.  The cup material is a little uncomfortable at first, but that goes away quickly. ...