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Call it, or PC Perspective I have been hanging out and then working for Ryan and the gang for years.  Apart from the front page you might find me on the BOINC Forums or possibly the Fraggin' Frogs if I have the time.

If you can't get enough of me on PC Perspective you can also find me here:


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A new way to rack up your mobile data bills

02/27/2015 - 13:14

If 4G speeds of 400Mbps become common there are going to be some very happy media streamers, at least until the bill comes in.  In a proof of concept test Huawei EE and Qualcomm demonstrated a 4G LTE carrier aggregated connection in Wembley stadium...

Crucial BX100 250GB

02/26/2015 - 18:32

At $100 the speed of the Crucial BX100 250GB SSD will surprise you pleasantly as it did Al.  250GB is a little tight for storage so if you do not have other physical or cloudy storage space you could go with a 1 TB HDD for half the price but you are...

Corsair extends the Carbide Series line up with the Air 240 High Airflow

02/26/2015 - 17:39

Corsair designed the Carbide Series Air 240 High Airflow for small motherboards but left enough room to fit fair sized add in cards and coolers.  The case is 397 x 260 x 320mm (15.6 x 10 x 12.6") and will hold GPUs up to 290 mm in length and a...

SIM card maker Gemalto apparently now holds the world's record for fastest security audit?

02/26/2015 - 13:02

In just under a week SIM card maker Gemalto claims to have done a complete security audit of their systems in 85 different countries and reports that "its office networks were compromised, the servers holding the SIM card encryption keys weren't...

Dell's Venue 8 7000 continues to impress

02/25/2015 - 16:46

Dell's Venue 8 7000 tablet sports an 8.4" 2560x1600 OLED display and is powered by the Moorefield based Atom Z3580 SOC, 2GB LPDDR3-1600 with 16GB internal of internal storage with up to a 512GB Micro SD card supported.  Even more...

The mothership is standing by

02/25/2015 - 15:35

That's right, for those of you who pre-ordered Homeworld Remastered and for anyone that pops by Steam to purchase it, your productivity is in for a serious hit as you try to guide your fleet to a new homeworld and then defend it.  For those...

Roll over Superfish, PrivDog is just as bad and comes from Comodo

02/25/2015 - 12:36

This has been a bad week for the secure socket layer and the news just keeps getting worse.  Comodo provides around one out of every three SSL certs currently in use as they have, until now, had a stirling reputation and were a trusted provider....

AMD is avoiding the heat in Carrizo

02/24/2015 - 18:18

While it is utterly inconceivable that Josh might have missed something in his look at Carrizo, that hasn't stopped certain Canadians from talking about Gila County, Arizona.  AMD's upcoming processor launch is a little more interesting than...

Adesso's E10, the wireless mouse for those whose nerve tunnels hate them

02/24/2015 - 13:34

Vertical mice sometimes help those with issues with their cubital or carpal tunnels by relieving pressure due to repetitive arm and wrist movement.  They have been around for a while but do not often get reviewed which is why it might be worth...

Your aggregate battery consumption isn't Li-On about your location

02/24/2015 - 12:56

Tracking your smartphones location via aggregate battery usage is not the most efficient or accurate method but it can be done and Samsung (and others) have not provided a switch which makes that particular data private.  Researchers have shown that...