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Call it, or PC Perspective I have been hanging out and then working for Ryan and the gang for years.  Apart from the front page you might find me on the BOINC Forums or possibly the Fraggin' Frogs if I have the time.

If you can't get enough of me on PC Perspective you can also find me here:


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Is it an Acura NSX or a Maserati; Corsair's Graphite 380T

09/05/2014 - 13:14

You have seen Ryan's video review by now but you can also check out a different review of Corsair's Graphite Series 380T.  The so called drink cooler case was tested with an A10-7850K and an MSI A88XI AC motherboard which unfortunately...

Trade Windows for Linux on your HTPC without losing Netflix

09/05/2014 - 11:35

As with all things Linux, nothing is impossible but that doesn't mean it will be easy but compared to many projects the steps at to set up Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Deepin  to run Netflix are not overly onerous.  By following the...

Dell resolves to have the most pixels ever; meet 5120 x 2880 aka 5K

09/04/2014 - 18:49

That's right, Dell is releasing the Dell UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD 5K Monitor with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 for a mere $2500 just in time for Christmas.  That is just under 6.5 million more pixels than 4k which is an impressive jump and...

16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4 2400

09/04/2014 - 18:19

Based both on current availability and a lack of evidence that the price of higher speed DDR4 is worth the investment it is the G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4 2400 16GB kit which gets approval for now.  The timings of 15-15-15-35 are attractive when...


09/04/2014 - 17:38

Pick the ASUS X-99 Deluxe to house your Haswell-E system, not just for the looks nor because Morry found a CMOS battery he liked but instead because of the amazing feature set.  There is BlueTooth and dual band WiFi, a serious 8-Channel Realtek...

Intel i7-5960X

09/04/2014 - 17:27

Haswell-E has finally arrived for those who need the most processing power they can get their mitts on.  While the new CPU won't give you huge improvements in gaming it blows away its predecessors when it comes to encoding and applications which...

ASUS' white knight for Haswell processors

09/04/2014 - 17:15

You can immediately spot the ASUS X99 Deluxe thanks to the unique white heatsink and shielding around the audio and peripheral ports but there is more to this board than just its looks.  The board is well laid out but due to the amount of features...

You've probably noticed Intel launched a new family of chips

09/04/2014 - 14:31

[H]ard|OCP reviewed Intel's brand new Extreme processor, the Haswell-E i7-5960X as weill as posting a large amount of Intel's launch slides detailing the new features present in this series of CPU.  As you can see from the picture they used...

Clearing up the confusion around ASUS' LGA2011-3 OC sockets

09/04/2014 - 13:17

KitGuru got in touch with Intel to confirm that the ASUS OC Socket present on their X99 boards will not in any way void the warranty on the processor.  What ASUS has done is activate several pins which were only intended to be used by Intel when...

MSI launches 5 new mighty X99 motherboards loaded with impressive features

08/29/2014 - 15:15

MSI, world leading in motherboard technology, is pleased to announce the launch of the new MSI X99 motherboards line-up. Featuring 5 models, the X99S GAMING 9 AC, X99S GAMING 7, X99S XPOWER AC, X99S MPOWER and X99S SLI PLUS, MSI caters to everyone’...