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Call it, or PC Perspective I have been hanging out and then working for Ryan and the gang for years.  Apart from the front page you might find me on the BOINC Forums or possibly the Fraggin' Frogs if I have the time.

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Tickle the keys on Cooler Master's new gaming board

09/22/2014 - 13:02

Cooler Master’s NovaTouch TKL using something called Hybrid Capacitive switches, which you can see illustrated below.  These Topre keys use electric capacitance changes to register a keystroke as opposed to the mechanical actuation on Cherry...

ZOTAC ZT-90101-10P GTX 970

09/22/2014 - 12:39

There is no question that the GTX 970 came out at a perfect price for the high end system, undercutting both NVIDIA's previous generation card as well as the R9 290.  Even better it outperforms both, uses less energy and offers hardware support...

Corsair Unleashes Corsair Gaming RGB Keyboards, RGB Mice, and Headsets

09/22/2014 - 12:22

Corsair is launching a new website focused on their gaming products, along with new products and a contest.  The contest has a grand prize of a complete system while three runners up will get a set of Corsair peripherals including the ones announced...

The abysmal adoption rate of desktop and mobile touchscreens

09/22/2014 - 11:34

The International Data Corporation's latest Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker shows that there were a mere 32.5 million touchscreen monitors shipped in Q2 2014, which accounts for 0.4% of the discrete monitors sold.  This may have been a...

ASUS Announces STRIX GTX 980 and STRIX GTX 970

09/19/2014 - 15:57

The ASUS STRIX series comes with a custom DirectCU II cooler that is capable of running at 0dB when not under full load, in fact you can choose the temperature at which the fans activate using the included GPU Tweak application.  The factory...

The EVGA X99 Classified is expensive and impressive

09/19/2014 - 14:41

The EVGA X99 Classified is definitely a premium board as it carries a $400 price tag and Legit Reviews took a look at it to see if it was worth the price.  It certainly comes with a lot of extras including 2-way, 3-way and 4-way SLI Bridges in...

NVIDIA's Maxwell offers smart performance

09/19/2014 - 13:17

The answer to the two most important questions are as follows, the GTX 980 will cost you around $560 compared to the $500 for an R9 290X and the GTX 970 an attractive $330 compared to $380 for an R9 290.  Availability is hard to predict but the...

Micron's M600 SSD, SLC in the front MLC in the back

09/18/2014 - 18:10

Micron's M600 SSD has a new trick up its sleeve, called dynamic write acceleration which is somewhat similar to the HDDs with an NAND cache to accelerate the speed frequently accessed data can be read but with a brand new trick.  In this case...

Acer's two new XBO series gaming displays; G-SYNC on both, 4k on one

09/18/2014 - 16:59

The Acer XB280HK is a 28" 4K G-SYNC display which will launch next month at expected price of US$799 or $849.99CDN.  The XB270H is a 27" 1080p display also with G-SYNC support and is currently available at $599USD or $649CDN.  As both...

Can a heavily overclocked ASUS STRIX GTX 750 Ti OC beat an R9 270?

09/18/2014 - 14:56

The ASUS STRIX GTX 750 Ti OC sports the custom DirectCU II cooling system which not only improves the temperatures on the card but also reduces the noise produced by the fans.  It comes out of the box with an overclocked  GPU base clock 1124MHz...