Happy Halloween

Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 31, 2005 - 11:41 AM |

So what if it will be obsolete within a week, get your Pumpkin PC today!!!

"Just in time for Halloween, the staff at the computer store at the University of Arkansas have

created a seasonally appropriate PC."

Here is some more Tech News from around the web:

Tech Talk

like the old one @ The Inquirer

  • Source: ZDNet
    Manufacturer: Antec


    The new Antec Phantom 500 power supply is a more powerful version of the fan-less Phantom 350. It incorporates hybrid fan technology, which allows the PSU to produce up to 500 watts of continuous power while still operating in silent mode most of the time.

    When there's something strange ... with your temperatures ...

    Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 28, 2005 - 06:58 PM |

    Who you gunna call?  Heat Buster!!!  Well, maybe not ... but Maximium CPU does have a review of the PCI cooler with more today.  Not only does it provide cooling to whatever component is closest to where you place it, it also has an exhaust to remove more hot air from the case.

    'The Heat Buster from PowerColor is a PCI slot cooler, with a little more to offer. It has the

    standard exhaust fan, as well as a second, adjustable fan to help facilitate air movement in your


    Source: Maximum CPU

    The Invisible Fan ... Controller

    Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 27, 2005 - 06:19 PM |

    The Sunbeam Theta TP-101 fan controller is a little different than you might expect.  It's a PCI card, with a satndard molex power connector and 8 fan connectors.  All the fans in your system connect to it, and are controlled via installed software.  Read the full review at Big Bruin.

    "Sunbeamtech has offered the typical fan controller (rheobus) in a variety of styles in the past,

    but the software based Theta TP-101 is much different.

    Source: Big Bruin

    Gigabyte's 3D series, together at last

    Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 26, 2005 - 11:55 AM |

    The 3D Galaxy from Gigabyte has been around for a bit, and you may have seen reviews of this watercooling system.  New from Gigabyte is the 3D Aurora, an ATX case designed specifically to house the Galaxy watercooler.  See how well they work together in the full review from Legion Hardware.

    "They did this by developing the "Galaxy Liquid Cooling Kit" designed for use with high-end


    Fan Commander to the rescue

    Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 25, 2005 - 01:09 PM |

    Cooling off a hot system is about more than just putting as many fans into the PC as the chassis will allow; unless you live alone, and like wearing earplugs.  Fan controllers allow you to monitor your temperatures, and reduce the speed, and therefore the noise eminating from under your desk.  Ultra Product's newly released Fan Commander may be what you need, and Big Bruin can tell you all about it.

    "Ultra Products has a new fan controller called the Fan Commander which can control up to seven fa

    Source: Big Bruin

    DFI's NF4 Infinity - Function over Form

    Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 24, 2005 - 02:12 PM |

    hardCOREware likes DFI's NF4 Infinity.  Unlike their LAN Party series, this board gets the job done with a minimum of embellishments.  It handles the latest Athlon's, will overclock fairly well, and costs less than $100!

    "We have soft spot for motherboards that offer nothing more than the basics, but are superb

    overclockers and performers.

    Source: hardCOREware

    Help choosing a cooling solution

    Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 24, 2005 - 01:10 PM |

    Red & Blackness Mods try to help out with the vast amount of choices available for cooling off your system.  If you find yourself wonder what cooler to pick, and are maybe frustrated about having to do so after choosing all your other components, this article may give you some hope.

    "It seems like the market makes it harder and harder for the average consumer to make choices.

    Zalman, Scythe and Thermaltake Under The Magnifying Glass

    Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 21, 2005 - 05:47 PM |

    X-Bit Labs can solve your cooling dilemmas.  Zalman's CNPS9500 LED, Scythe's Shogun & Ninja (SCNJ-1000), and  Thermaltake's Big Typhoon (CL-P0114) & Sonic Tower (CL-P0071), all in one huge comparitive review.  There is a lot of detail, everything from cooling performance to installation is covered.

    "We would like to offer you a detailed roundup of five today's best CPU coolers with heatpipe


    Source: X-Bit Labs

    Jump into HTPC's with this primer

    Subject: Cases and Cooling | October 21, 2005 - 12:55 PM |

    Big Bruin can answer all of your HTPC video and audio questions in this first installment of their HTPC primer.  If you are thinking of putting together a SFF system, or incorporating an HTPC into your multimedia system, give it a  read!

    "HTPCs don't have to be much different than your typical computer, but a few key areas do need to

    be addressed.

    Source: Big Bruin