EA Sports Early PS3 Renders?

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 21, 2005 - 11:55 AM |

Given the convergence of graphics card vendors and gaming consoles, this seems fitting to post. Although we all have to remember this is not official and may not be true, let's all hope that these images are a good indicator of what PS3 games will look like. Do yourself a favor and follow the link!

Take note that these images are not that of a real althete!!! These are test renders!!! Although these say that the engine is for Fight Night Next Gen, EA tends to use their game engines for all different game titles.
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Random Cooling Reviews & More

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 21, 2005 - 11:54 AM |

Not too much on the watercooling forefront this week, but don't let that stop you from checking out SystemCoolings review of the ThermalTake BigWater 12cm kit.  Easy to install and keep running, acceptable performance, and a nice blue glow. 

Following up, a pair of reviews in 3 caegories, VGA cooling, HDD cooling and laptop cooling, to help keep your VGAcard overclocked, your Raptors from igniting and your little soldiers from being broiled.

"Until recently water cooling was the domain

Hot n' heavy heatsinks & More

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 19, 2005 - 12:39 PM |

With all the new heatsink designs coming out, it's nice to see that people are still trying to improve my least favorite part of the installation, the clip.  Most have opted for a cage design, and almost every high performance heatsink expects that you will take the motherboard out of the case to install it.  Well, the CoolerMaster Hyper48 Cooler that PimpRig reviews has another way to do the install, maybe you'll even like it more than clips or cages, so give it a read.

"Installation of the H

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A Cool Lightweight Case & More

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Slim, light and well cooled would describe the ThermalTake Shark perfectly.  Don't take my word for it though, head on over to The Tech Report, and get the review first hand.

"On paper, it looks like the Shark delivers. The Atkins Diet has trimmed the case's weight down to just 14 pounds, and the Shark offers loads of both internal and external drive bays.

Watercooling a 775 & More

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 14, 2005 - 11:52 AM |

Watercooling can really help you to get the most out of your system, and maybe even give it a great seasonal boost, if you take advantage of winter, and keep your reservoir buried in the snow.  Indoors or outdoors, take a look at DangerDen's TDX755, reviewed at Red & Blackness, if you want to get that socket775 chip working hard for you.

"Well the new socket 775 from Intel does not have that many coolers yet to it.

Manufacturer: Seasonic


The S12-600 has the largest output capacity in Seasonic’s new S12 series of PC power supplies and is both environmentally friendly (active PFC), highly efficient, and runs cool and quiet.

Heatsinks on growth hormones & More

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 12, 2005 - 11:59 AM |

Big.  Not much else you can say when you see these heatsinks in a store next to the small aluminium cube that until sometime last year, you used to call your heatsink.  But if you want to run the faster AMD & Intel chips, and especially if you want to OC it, then get out a two pound hunk of copper and attach a 120mm fan to it, like Zalman did for their 7700, which Silent PC Review puts to the test.

"The new Zalman 7700 heasink/fan is a natural extension of the radial concept of the successful 7

Quiet Cases, Pretty Cases & More

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 10, 2005 - 12:11 PM |

Silent PC Review gets a look at Antec's new silent case.  If you like sleek aluminum sides, and a case you look at, not listen to, then this might be the case your looking for.

"One of the most exciting things not to be shown at CES is a new case that will soon be coming from Antec. Rather than a booth at the CES, Antec have a hotel suite nearby where press and customers are invited for a private gander at new products.

Get a first start in watercooling & More

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Jumping into watercooling doesn't mean you'll have to buy the tubing, reservoir, pump and blocks all seperately today, there are now many complete watercooling kits available, like the Evercool Kit that Overclockers Cafe reviews.  Are you ready to make the jump into water?

"The Evercool WC-202 has a lot going for it to include universal CPU application, almost universal VGA application, trim clean looks on the exposed bezel, lots of copper pipes and fins throughout and all for about $100.

The Cooler Master Centurion 5

Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 7, 2005 - 09:20 AM |

Coolermaster are probably one of the best case designers in the world. If you want crazy and whacky designs and colours, then you'll have to look elsewhere I'm afraid. Coolermaster concentrate on functionality, coupled with sleek lines and a high quality finish.