1300 watts of golden power from Enermax

Subject: Cases and Cooling | July 22, 2011 - 03:07 PM |
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The Enermax MAXREVO 1350W PSU missed getting an 80+ Platinum rating by 1%, which puts it in rare company, kilowatt class or not.  Not only that, but in RealWorldLabs' testing it produced under 40dB under load which is impressively quiet for a 1350W PSU.  With 112 amps available to the six 12V rails and eight PCI-Express connectors ensure support for whatever multi-GPU monster you envision building.  All of that quality and those features do mean a higher price, $300 is the entry fee for this PSU.  It is worth it if you need it.


"The latest MAXREVO 1350W 80Plus Gold certified power supply unit by Enermax is not only a worthy successor to their already excellent Revolution85+ series but also one of the two most powerful all-modular units in the market with support for future power connectors, right next to its 1500W brother."

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We need more power! 1350W of pure Enermax coming up.

Subject: Cases and Cooling | May 26, 2011 - 01:43 PM |
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It is rather impressive that Enermax has managed to make a 1350W PSU that does not require a 240V plug, thanks to their FMQ transformer and use of copper interconnects instead of wires which Enermax refers to as a Copper-Bridge Array.  They've gone a different way from previous models and their competitors, splitting the 12V rail into six 30A rails which will still ensure multiple GPU systems can perform stably. Drop by [H]ard|OCP to see if this PSU can live up to its advertised power levels.


"Enermax has long been a favorite of ours when it comes to power supplies for heavy hitter enthusiasts pushing huge system wattage loads. Today it is launching a new flagship product that comes to up touting a huge 1350 watt usage rating. Does Enermax continue its top shelf legacy?"

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Source: [H]ard|OCP