IE11 Block Tool On Windows 7. Yay! It'll Launch Soon!

Subject: General Tech | October 15, 2013 - 06:55 PM |
Tagged: Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft, appealing to the needs of enterprises everywhere, releases tools to block major versions of the assorted software coming down Windows Update. Of course, this also signals an impending release of whatever it intends to block. Most recently: Internet Explorer 11.


IE11 continues the trend of standards compliance and, until I get my hands on it, at least looks comparable to the best of the rest. Not much is known about how Microsoft has or will comply with the Khronos Group industry body but they are at least dipping their toe into WebGL support; I hope they can continue to progress their browser if only for selfish reasons. I do not see Internet Explorer taking over Firefox and Chrome in my personal usage but, especially if WebCL follows WebGL, it will be nice to eventually support every browser.

While Microsoft has not put an official release date, due to the blocking tool, it is expected to arrive for Windows 7 in the late October to early November time frame. Users of Windows 8.1 will receive it much earlier, this Thursday (October 17th) when the operating system hits Windows Store.

Source: InfoWorld

What We Are Learning about Internet Explorer 11

Subject: Editorial | April 6, 2013 - 04:34 AM |
Tagged: Windows 8.1, windows blue, internet explorer, Internet Explorer 11

Windows Blue Windows 8.1 was leaked not too long ago. We reported on the release's illegitimate availability practically as soon as it happened. We knew that Internet Explorer took it to incremented its version to 11. The recent releases of Internet Explorer each made decent strides to catch the browser up to Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox. Once thrown to the sharks thoroughly investigated, this release is pining to be just as relevant despite how near its expected release has been to Internet Explorer 10.

I will not bury the lead: Internet Explorer contains some level of support for WebGL and might implement the SPDY protocol.


One of my first thoughts upon realizing that Internet Explorer 11 was an impending "thing": will it make it to Windows 7? Unfortunately, we still have no clue. Thankfully, unlike Windows RT which disallow rendering engines other than Internet Explorer's Trident, we are still capable of installing alternative browsers in Windows 7. If Internet Explorer 11 is unavailable, they can still install Firefox or Chrome.

For those who only use Internet Explorer and can upgrade to 11, you might be pleased to find WebGL support. Microsoft has been quite vocal against WebGL for quite some time, claiming it a security threat when facing the wild west of the internet. Then again, to some extent, the internet is a security nightmare in itself. The question is whether WebGL can be sufficiently secured for its usage:

This, to some extent, marks a moment where Microsoft promotes a Khronos standard. With some level of irony, Apple was one of the founding members of the WebGL group yet Microsoft might beat Safari to default WebGL support Of course it could not be that simple, however, as IE11 apparently accepts WebGL shaders (the math which computes the color and position of a pixel) in IESL rather than the standard GLSL. IESL, according to the name of its registry flag, seems to be heavily based on HLSL seen in DirectX.

I guess they just cannot let Khronos have a total victory?

SPDY also seems to be coming to IE11. SPDY, pronounced "speedy" and not an acronym, is a protocol designed to cut loading latency. Cool stuff.

Last and definitely least, IE11 is furthering its trend of pretending that it is a Mozilla Gecko-like rendering engine in its user agent string. Personally, I envision an IE logo buying a fiery-orange tail at a cosplay booth. They have been doing this for quite some time now.