You can go Homeworld again; Gearbox has some great news

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If you never had the chance to play Homeworld and Homeworld 2 then there is some good news you should hear; if you did play them then the news is even better!   Gearbox is not just re-releasing the two games they have redone the cinematics, models, textures and effects, plus support for up to 4K resolution.  The news at Rock, Paper SHOTGUN makes it sound like some content from mods might be included as well as revamped multiplayer.  Maybe they will up the quality to the point where some later levels chug just as hard as they did when you first sat down in front of your mothership.


"We learned last year that Gearbox were planning to re-release the enormously loved Homeworld games. Having plucked the license from the THQ jumble sale, apparently because their Chief Creative Officer Brian Martel has maximum love for the series, they made clear their intentions to release an HD version of the first two games. They’re upping their terminology now, from “HD” to “Remastered“."

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Gearbox to Remake Homeworld 1 and 2.

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Unfortunately, these games slipped past me when first released. Relic, with publisher Sierra Entertainment at the time, wanted a 3D real-time strategy between spacecraft. It was given multiple "game of the year" awards by a variety of reviewers; its sequels, Homeworld 2 and Cataclysm, also received decently high praise from critics.

Gearbox Software, current owner of the franchise, wants to see it re-released.

HW Screenshot - 0012.JPG

Image Credit: Relic Entertainment

I am optimistic, if slightly cautious, about the franchise's future. Gearbox has a really strong history of porting and polishing games for the PC; being independent, they can also assert their creative control... most of the time. Two recent examples, Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines, shows the company will not shy away from shipping a turd if the publisher is not careful what they wish for.

On that note, no publisher or release date has been announced and the games are, by no means, damaged goods. It is, also, still anyone's guess how much work Gearbox will even put into the HD versions. Gearbox hits their stride with bonus content, such as their 6 Halo PC maps and two Half Life expansions, and DLC.

Source: GamesRadar